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Our key strength is our ability to understand our clients’ businesses. It is ultimately in our understanding of what our clients want or are aiming to achieve that will allow us to deliver maximum value. The wider our understanding, the more angles we can view resulting in focused and relevant advice. Above all, we recognise that each client has differing needs; our deliverables always reflect the uniqueness of our clients’ businesses.

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B&B WORLDWIDE EXPORT Mr.Bimal Bhatta is the Founder and Chairman of ‘B&B WORLD WIDE EXPORT long periods of Transportation and Logistics involvement in all parts of tasks, deals, and, in particular, client benefit Established in 2074 and celebrating over 5 years in the air cargo industries with over $500 of cargo sales and closed to half of lakh Airway bills every year and processed almost 10 employees. B&B has evolved to become one of the most recognized, respected and professional cargo companies As a corporate officer and an overseeing accomplice at two diverse logistics organizations, it has been his wide scope of information and imagination that has prompted the achievement of the organizations he has guided to this point. MR.Bimal Bhatta keeps on working intimately with his customers and helping to discover the answers to the issues they look at in the regularly changing universe of logistics.

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🇳🇵 नेपालबाट पार्सल, डकुमेन्ट, ब्यापारको लागि घरायसी प्रयोजनको सामानहरू बिदेसमा रहि आफ्नो आफन्तजन साथिभाई तथा ग्राहकवर्ग हरूलाई सस्तो तथा भरपर्दो गरि पठाउनको लागि 

B&B WORLDWIDE EXPORT  लाई सम्झनुहोस् ।  Tel: 9851330348 

हामी तपाइको सामान मात्रै होईन समान संगै तपाईको खुसीयालि पनि पठाउछौ ।

Send your Gift (Parcel & Important Document) from Nepal to anywhere to the world.

✅ बिदेशमा रहनु भएका आफन्तलाई औषधी पठाउने ठाउँ ।

✅ तपाई को घर बाट पिक-अप हुने र प्याकिंग को बेबस्था 

✅ तपाइको को समान को पूर्ण सुरक्षा का साथ बिश्वो को कुनै पनि देशमा ३ देखि ७ दिनमा होम डेलिभरी गर्दछ।

✅अन लाइन ट्रकिङ्ग सिस्टम बाट हेर्न मिल्ने 

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Office: 014264421

WhatsApp: 9851330348


Paknajol 16-Thamel , Kathmandu,Nepal

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